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Why You Need a Website Beyond 2020: Stop Relying on Social Media

Today we are going to discuss why you need a website in 2020…

Even if you don't sell anything online. The simple fact is… Websites work in this day and age. No matter what business or profession, having a website can generate business and promote your ideas to connect with a community. It allows others to connect with you and market your product or services.

Still today there are thousands of brick and mortar businesses, family businesses and many other types of businesses that have survived without the internet. We know it’s possible to have a business without the internet. However, the internet and technology have instrumentally changed the landscape of business forever.

We can now see, 40 years on (give or take), after the beginning of the internet, the true magnitude and impact that it has had on business and human life.

The biggest companies on the planet today are technology companies. Data has surpassed oil in value. Data is now the oil all of our age.

The 5 most valuable companies in the world; Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, and Alphabet (Google) are all pretty much unstoppable. Too big to fail. Amazon alone captures half of all dollars spent online in the USA.

So Is It Right For Your Business Model?

So should your business have a website, even if it has products and services that you believe can't be sold online? The answer is still yes. The thing is, people use search engines, such as Google to find things. They use it for information.

So why wouldn't you want your business information to appear in Google?

It’s going to bring more attention and eyes to your brand. Even if your business is small, it gives you an opportunity to grow it and compete like anyone else. Big or small

In our opinion, regardless of the industry or product, it is useful to have a website. A website today is your first impression. You can either make a really good impression on someone who has never seen or heard of you before. Or, you can have no impression at all because you don't exist, you have no website.

People don't know where to find you.

We have also seen that pretty much anything can be sold online, and if you're not selling it directly online, you can build an audience around your business, and monetize that in the long run. This does not mean you have to put all your effort into selling online.

Like any other business model, the online channel still requires a large amount of work. At least you would be able to have a presence on the web so that customers, potential employees, business partners, and investors can easily find out more about your business.

The size of your business does not matter, what matters is that if you do not have a website you are losing business to other companies that do.

How does it need to look?

In the early 90’s, if you even had a website you were a pioneer. Today, simply having a website isn’t enough. You need something that looks professional and grabs people’s attention, if you want to be taken seriously.

(We can help you with that if you need it…)

If you want to be taken seriously, you need to make a good first impression when people land on your website. Otherwise, they will simply click away and find a brand that has a better looking website. One that conveys trust, and they will go with them.

Something that is amazing about the internet, is that it has leveled the playing field between the conglomerates and the startups.

I have seen many massive companies who have terrible looking websites that were hard to navigate, poorly branded and lacked professionalism. Since we are being honest, it’s actually better not to have a website, than to have a one that looks shit.

It's quite easy to create a clean and functional website.

Internet Maturity

Can anything be mature on the internet? It's quite hard to take this question seriously when you think about all the ridiculous content that exists on the internet, because of the internet. Memes, gifs and other viral content.

The good thing is, the internet is now in a more mature state than it was ten or 20 years ago.

What we mean is...

It is now easier to create beautiful websites that can express your brand values and communicate with your audience. You could sell your products and services directly. You can get paid via your mobile phone. You can operate a business almost purely from a mobile phone.

That's what we mean when we say the internet and technology has matured.

The exciting part is that most of the 3rd World and developing nations are still coming online. This could mean a whole new market opening up to your business.

Mobile Is The Present

If you are thinking of creating a website in 2020 or beyond, it will be essential that a website is mobile-friendly. Most children today are growing up with tablets and phones. They are the future. And they are already consuming, creating and purchasing from their mobile devices. So do we as adults in the 21st century.

With that being said...

We hope that you have gained a better understanding of how it can benefit you or your business, to have an amazing website in this day and age.

Thank you for Reading.

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