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Pasithea Projects is an experience based events company based in Cape Town. Inspired by Pasithea, the Goddess of Relaxation, Meditation and Visualisation. Their core integrates 30+ years experience in Events, Management, Hospitality, Production, Branding and Styling.

Pasithea Projects was birthed to solve the biggest challenges and biggest weakness in our collective industry across the board, a lack of socially cohesive events with cultural representation that makes sense in South Africa.


Pasithea Projects

Hospitality, Experiences, Events, Getaways


Photography, Design, Content Marketing, Advertising


Pasithea Projects

This is a new platform through which they intend to manifest an authentic range of humanity-orientated experiences that positively impact and feedback into our communities and environment.

We helped Pasithea Projects with their designs for marketing collateral, photography and content marketing. Capture their audience through engaging content and develop an advertising strategy for future events.



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