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Widely recognized as one of the best local and independent pizzerias in Cape Town.

We combine traditional preparations with local ingredients for pizza & other dishes that are authentic to both their origins and Cape Town.

The neighbourhood favourite has been bringing together the Mowbray community for the past 15 years. 

We asked ourselves how do we take the rich heritage of this brand and bring it in to the modern era while preserving authenticity.

We completely reimagined the visual identity in black and white. A new menu, website with integrations with with UberEats and Mr. Delivery.

The interior of the shop has been modernised by simplifying the colours & finishes - dropping the 5 colours they used previously. We decided to bring in the artist theme through iconography & illustrations. This little pizzeria is definitely one to visit the next time you are in Cape Town.

The owners love optimisation & simplicity. This is why we took a mobile focussed approach with this project.


In South Africa, the mobile demographic is upwards of 85% so this was a necessity for this build.

The timeline on the rebrand was 6 months and we still work with them today...






Branding, Ad Campaigns, Print, Web Development, Design




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