Our project with Batavia was an incredibly satisfying one. We love food. So, being a part of creating the brand, tell the story of their community, and showcasing the food was a dream for us. 

We ensured the brand had a connection with food. The website was a straight-forward design with restaurant-like functionalities such as a viewable menu, professional food photography, and being able to make a reservation for your next visit.


Think & Cook with Love.

A simple cafe in Bo-Kaap, Cape Town.




Web Development


2018 - 2020

A collaboration between chefs, coffee drinkers, and many human beings, Batavia is where Cape Town pays homage to Cape Malay cuisine. Styled like a home in the Bo-Kaap, here you can truly experience coffee and enjoy the robust taste of different fusions. Menu’s vary based on conversations with local farms so expect to see new surprises whenever you visit.

All of these meals were family favourites and as we got older we looked to the world of gastronomy to take them a little further. Taking lessons from chef's all over the world, we looked at traditional Malay recipes that have been passed on from generation to generation.